Pakhus 64

An artist collective in Aarhus with eight other performing artists

Graduated as a painter from Academy of Fine Arts Aarhus.

Member of:

BKF for Danish Visual Artists

ProKK for Professional Artists

KKS for The Danish Women’s Artist Association

UKK for Young Professional Artists and Curators.

As an artist I work with concepts and methods such as materiality, transparency, layers and reinterpretations. By exploring the aesthetics of surfaces and structure in materials I aim to engage the viewer in a dialogue.

The exploration of materials will either be used as inspiration for my paintings or will become sculptures, installations or mixed media handicraft.

The use of found and collected materials is a common feature in my work. 

The materials can be anything from heirlooms and tablecloths to keys and trash – larger amounts of reusable material which is processed in order to construct a new context.

Paintings are often held in the same tight geometric style and colour. Similar patterns are set against each other and in the process lose their individual meaning and thereby amplify the visual experience. The mix of bronze and my own casting methods in both custard and sugar as well as paper waste opens up for new sculptural possibilities in my artwork.

Artist Collaborations

Part of STAMCELLERNE artist group.

Part of the artist group Reflection with artists Pernille Lærke Andersen and Diana Nordbek.

Decorative Assignments

  • 2019 Refleksioner I Børnehøjde, Skt Knuds skole, Aarhus, DK
  • 2016 DanDecor, Randers, DK
  • 2015 Lægerne Nielsen & Husted, Aarhus, DK
  • 2014 Torben Aars Aps, Aars, DK
  • 2013 Frie Skolers Lærerforening, Risskov, DK
  • 2010 2-BiZ Company, Risskov. DK
  • 2009 Aarhus Kiropraktor Center, Aarhus, DK
  • 2008 Lindhart Steffensen Advokater, Grenaa, DK


  • 2019 Børnekulturpuljen, Aarhus kommune. Kunstnergruppen Refleksion – Refleksioner i børnehøjde.
  • 2019 Statens kunstfond, billedkunstudvalget. København. Refleksioner i Børnehøjde.
  • 2018 Kultur og fritidsudvalget, Holstebro kommune, DK. AFGANG 18, gruppeudstilling.
  • 2017 Kulturhovedstad 2017, kulturpulje til OFF ROAD, Process gruppen på Mississippi, Thyholm, DK